Specialized Services - Testing, Diagnostics, Surgery

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Animal Urgent Care of Dunwoody provides in-house laboratory services so we can diagnose earlier, start treatment sooner, and help your beloved pet start feeling better faster. Learn more about our services below.


Some of the many diagnostic tests we can perform in-house include:

Complete Blood Count

Blood Chemistry Profile


Fecal Examination

Giardia Testing

Parvo Testing

Pancreatitis Testing

Heartworm Testing

Feline Leukemia and FIV Testing

Tick-Borne Disease Testing

Ear Cytology

Skin Cytology

Diagnostics & Surgery

Radiology Services

Animal Urgent Care of Dunwoody is proud to offer digital radiology (x-rays). All of our x-ray studies will be evaluated by a board-certified radiology specialist to help aid in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of your pet.

Surgery Services

Animal Urgent Care of Dunwoody routinely performs a variety of minor surgical procedures and is also capable of performing some non-elective major surgical procedures on an as-needed basis. With the exception of some minor procedures, your pet will be referred to an overnight/24-hour emergency hospital for post-operative care.